Voodoo Spells

Voodoo Spells

Voodoo Spells : What is Voodoo magic?Voodoo witchcraft which has become quite popular these days dates its origin back to ancient witchcraft practice. Originally, this practice comes from the African continent but now it is prevalent in other parts of the world too. Voodoo magic is an ancient science of using certain spells and potions to create certain situations to either hurt or cause discomfort to a person and therefore care must be taken as it can also prove to be lethal. Man and woman are equally vulnerable and can become victims of voodoo spells done by their enemies. It can be done using your photograph, hair, nails, used clothes, name etc.

Reasons for doing voodoo spell:

There are several experts of voodoo spells who are trained in this kind of magic and offer services in exchange of money. There are also chances of the spells being backfired if adequate precautions are not taken.Hence, it is always advisable to consult a trained voodoo practioner as this requires extensive knowledge in this field.

Voodoo spells for love help to win your lost love back or create romantic feelings in the person you desire. In most of the cases, this is one of the primary reasons why people engage in such activities. However; in certain cases feelings of envy or resentment can also make the person resort to such activities.

Symptoms to look for if you feel like a voodoo victim:

There are different stages of voodoo black magic ranging from initial to advanced stages and so you should not take these symptoms casually and be alert from the initial stage.

Some common symptoms at the initial stage are:

Sudden change in behaviour
Insomnia or sleep deprivation
Excessive aggressiveness or anger
Problems in love life or relationships
Downfall in professional career for no reason
Loss of money or income
Prolonged period of illness
Always feeling lethargic
Loss of appetite and energy
Some advanced level symptoms commonly noted are:

Erotic dreams or feeling of being raped
Dreaming of corpses around you or seeing people trying to murder you
Appearance of black spots on your body parts
Feeling giddy and frequent headaches
Sunken eyes and darkening of lips
Stiffness in the body especially around your shoulders, thighs and neck area
Dreaming of poisonous creatures likes snakes, scorpions or other reptiles
Experiencing yourself being hurt in your dreams and many more
There also comes a final stage where you may be possessed by a spirit and chances of recovery are minimal. In such cases, you can also get killed through such symptoms:

Different types of cancer being detected in your body
Organs being damaged or even failure of certain organs
No improvement in health conditions despite proper treatment
Extreme depression or losing interest in living your life
Suicidal tendencies
The strength of these magic spells increases during dark moon nights and also weakens your condition during the same if you are a victim of voodoo spells.