Black Magic Removal

Black Magic Removal

BLACK MAGIC REMOVAL is the science of magic that is usually to perform unnatural acts or that draws on malign powers. In one’s think that is a fair description of black magic and another one should agree with that definition.

What you have to learn is that it the intention of any person casting any “SPELL” that confirms if the magic is “black” or “white.” White magic is applied by people who intend to reveal something, but not at the cost or determinant of any other else. Their objective is “it harm none, do as thought you will.” Black magic is performed by those humans who are intentionally efforting to hurt some one or who do nor care who suffers or troubled for them to acquire what they want in their life. In short it can be descripted as a black magic performer does not care about the other persons or their feeling but they only think of their profit maximize , while the white magician is totally invert of it , he/ she only works for humanity. Can black magic be used against a good person? If you ask such a question then answer of your question is ,” Yes, of course”. Whether it works slowly or intensly is another story. But if some one is a good person who resonates at a low vibrational frequency, such as with fear, guilt, or shame, then he/ she might be more sensitive to the effects of black magic. If you are someone who resonates at a high frequency of love, joy, and merciness, you are gradually to be negatively affected by the intentions of BLACK MAGIC spell casters. Their spells will just bounce off your psychic shields and directly effect you. But there is no need to worry for such intentions because if you felt that if you are the victim of such kind of accidents or cases then you might contact with BABAJI for solutions of disasters of your life.

What are spells anyway but the energetic projection of any intention? Get a gather of individuals together to cast the same spell or the same intention and you observes the probability of it occuring

People who are applying any kind black magic to others may not even aware of that what they are doing it. When you say, “go to hell or you must be accidentd by a vehicle on road!” to someone in frustration, indirectly are casting black magic to him/ her. Alternatively, when you say, “Have a nice day!” or “May god bless you and today surely you must find peace and everlasting love with each other” then you are casting a indirect white magic spells for that individual. It might not necessary to have candles , black ash bore of skeletons and incense to cast spells, it is only our thought one can cast any kind of black magic or any spell in multiple means even in such a ways which we cannot thought of them. Spell casting may also comes from your heart or feelings. All the other debonairs are just to enhance it and makes your intention stronger and stronger.

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If someone is casting black magic on you what should you do? Purify your thoughts, purify your body, raise your vibration. These all are sayings not in practically possible you might contact to BABAJI for the eradication of impact of these SPELLS. BABAJI might make an detailed analysis for your trouble and then imagine all of the negative energy the person who has sent you, collect it into a container, and throw it back to the applier. And finally, get loving, healing energy from the person you think has cast any black magic or any kind of spell on you. Yes, you read that is correct. Bless them and pray for them so that they never do such a inhumanity for you. It is similar to casting your own white magic spell on those people. Such kind of magic must for the protection of the world and to save the world.